Japanese technology that complements your nutrition.

Powder to prepare a vanilla or chocolate-flavored drink, with different metabolites and combined to favor your nutrigenetics*.


Bovia’s novel and innovative ADS (Advanced Delivery System) technology, which provides a renewing nutritional experience* thanks to the controlled release of its components iin an effective way and with better assimilation, through nanoparticles that complement the natural energy in an intelligent way*, along with good nutrition.

Loaded with ADS Technology.

Starting at $63 USD

Starting at $63 USD


Extracted from cocoa beans grown in the southern region of Mexico, in a specialized cocoa plantation.

The favorable climate and rich soils of the Chiapas region make the cocoa beans rich in bioactive polyphenols, the result of Sanki’s exclusive and innovative Japanese technology: Bovia.



Share the Japanese technology inspired by Chronobiology research.

Japanese technology and innovation

How to
take it

Dilute 2 measures (40g) per day in 240 ml of water or any type of milk.

Be sure to take it every day.


Dilute 2 measures (40 g) per day in 240 ml of cold water or any type of milk.

Product for ages 12 and over.

It contains different and combined metabolites in favor of your nutrigenetics that are extracted from the cocoa bean and rich in bioactive polyphenols.

Yes, Hasaki contains sugar

No adverse effects have been reported from the use of the product.

DIETARY SUPPLEMENT. This product is not a medicine. Net cont. 560 g.